Награда за Института в Конкурса за високи научни постижения по случай 145-годишнината на Академията


Изложба на Институт по микробиология по случай 145- годишнината на БАН

Правилник за вътрешния ред на Институт по микробиология "Стефан Ангелов", БАН


Годишни отчети на Институт по микробиология "Стефан Ангелов"


Правилник за   придобиване на академични степени и заемане на академични длъжности в Институт по микробиология, БАН


Институтът по микробиология "Стефан Ангелов" при БАН удостоен с Отличието "ЗЛАТЕН ПЕЧАТ" за ЕВРОПЕЙСКИ МЕНИДЖМЪНТ от Съвета на Европейската научна и културна общност

Закон за развитие на академичния състав в Република България


Правилник за прилагане на Закона за развитието на академичния състав в Република България



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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Ministry of Education and Science


National Science Fund


Central Library of BAS


Union of Scientists in Bulgaria


Comission: Horizon 2020


Institut Pasteur






PubMed Cenral


















Head:  Professor Hristo Najdenski, DVM, DSc

Tel: +359 2 979 31 61


e-mail: hnajdenski@abv.bg




Assoc. Prof. Magdalena Bonovska, PhD

Tel.: (+359 2) 979 31 70


Assistant Professor Violeta Valcheva, PhD

Tel.: (+359 2) 979 31 70


Assistant Professor Maya Zaharieva, PhD

Tel.: (+359 2) 979 31 70, E-mail: zaharieva26@gmail.com


PhD-Student Lyudmila Dimitrova


Tchavdar Tankov, DVM


Microbiologist Trayana Draganova, MS


Molecular Biologist Maya Lazar Gatzovska, MS



Main Research topics


  • Epidemiology, epizootology, and prevention of yersiniosis.

  • Epizootology and prevention of mycobacterial infections in domestic animals and birds.

  • Detection, enumeration and typing of socially important food-borne zoonoses in products of animal origin by using the polymerase chain reaction methodology.

  • Detection of American foulbrood agent in honey, honeybee brood, and worker bee by using the polymerase chain reaction and monoclonal antibody ELISA test.

  • Bacterial virulence factors and immune pathogenesis of genetically designed live vaccinal vectors.

  • Study the effects of age, technologies of growing and treatment with polybacterial immunomodulator on the naturally specific and non-specific factors of resistanсе in laying hens and young domestic animals.

  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of food pathogens, enteropathogens and pathogenic fungi.

  • Antifungal and antibacterial effect of natural products of plant, microbial and algal origin, as well as screening of newly synthesized compounds.

  • Toxicological profiling and cytotoxic potential of bacterial products, natural products and newly synthesized compounds with high antimicrobial activity by using in vitro cell model systems.

  •  Molecular epidemiology, phylogeny, evolution and drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical strains in Bulgaria.

  • Search of new effective antitubercular drugs: design, synthesis and testing for antimycobacterial activity.

Current Projects